Web Design Vancouver

Strategic SEO Web Design

Great websites smoothly engage with customers. Our services for web design in Vancouver take out the guesswork. Through an engaging combination of content, graphics, user experience (UX), and SEO, we create WordPress websites that work to harness the power of the Internet and drive results.

Beyond looks and brand, your website is a critical marketing tool. Through professional WordPress web design in Vancouver, we collaborate to represent your brand, tell your story, and ultimately convince people to buy from you.

Like any component of your business, effective web design takes planning and strategy. We balance programming, brand, and user interface with SEO requirements to create engaging, professional websites that rank competitively on search engines and become the backbone of successful digital strategies.

Whether your business is established or new, we create tailored online experiences that appeal to your audience. We work openly and collaboratively, so you understand the process every step of the way.

Web design that touches on 5 objectives:
  • Delivering an engaging, meaningful experience
  • Answering important user questions
  • Brand design
  • Evoking trust and professionalism
  • Meeting SEO requirements
  • Guiding visitors along your buyers journey

As a team that specializes in web design in Vancouver, we know websites play an important role in purchase decisions. That’s why we build customized websites around your needs.

Throughout the process of planning, design, and approvals, we are unwavering in our commitment to create digital experiences that are beautiful and purposeful, bucking trends in favour of longevity and genuine value.

Wordpress Web Design Vancouver

Top-Ranking Web Design

All our websites are developed on WordPress, so you can depend on a powerful, highly customizable CMS. Post your blogs, change your pictures, or update your content. WordPress makes it easy. Your website is key to digital marketing. We love WordPress because it’s fast, flexible, and jives naturally with Google. Just look at what we’ve accomplished.

Tiny You Baby Store

Branding, web design, SEO strategy, blogging, and social media to create a cohesive online identity with a page-one Google ranking.


Engaging branded web design, copywriting, and maketing materials.

Pearl Boutique

Website Refresh and SEO Consulting.

Lean Expansion

Logo & web design /development with copywriting and SEO support to reach page one.

Curve Interiors

Logo & business card development, web design, and SEO copywriting.


A-Z Hosting, Maintainance & SEO Services

We build all of our websites on WordPress, so you get a highly customizable, easy-to-manage CMS that can adapt and grow with your businesses. Our maintenance packages keep your website running at peak performance. All packages include high-speed hosting and basic maintenance.

Superior Hosting

We’ll host your website on dedicated server. Benefit from lightening fast load times. With an SSL certificate and weekly website back-ups, this hosting solution is designed to keep your website speedy and secure.

  • 1 email address
  • Weekly website back-ups
  • SSL security certificate
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Basic monthly site/security updates
$ 75 /Month
Maintanaince & More

Great for eCommerce and high demand websites, our premium package gives you all the juicy SEO benefits of our dedicated, super-speedy server PLUS full maintance and ongoing performance boosts that work to prolong your investment.

  • Up to 3 emails (more can be added)
  • SSL and security upgrades
  • Weekly sites back-ups
  • Unlimited bug fixes
  • Monthly site check-ups
$ 175 /Month
ProPlus Hosting & SEO

The benefits of our premium package include all the hosting and security benefits offered in Premium, plus 2 hours of backlinking / SEO adjustments each month to keep your site moving in the right direction.

  • Up to 5 emails (more can be added)
  • SSL security upgrades & back-ups
  • Bug fixes & monthly check-ups
  • 2 hours of SEO link building
  • Site reports to gauge performance
$ 450 /Month

WordPress Web Design Vancouver

We Keep It Smart and Simple.

We breakdown the process of web design into a series of easy, digestible steps. By pairing our expertise with consumer data and SEO research, we craft visually powerful websites that work to maximize your reach. Ready to learn more?



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