Teeth Whitening by Pearl

As one of the first websites completed when our agency launched in 2008, the digital face of Pearl Boutique had become dated. Not only had styles changed, the Internet had evolved into a faster, more social-oriented environment with specific needs for phones and tablets. As a beauty-oriented industry, the owner decided it was time for an update. We implemented the very latest SEO techniques into a fresh, updated design to maintain and improve Google rankings while dramatically increasing mobile U/I and usability.

Leveraging Web Design for Success

As a team of web designers and SEO Consultants in Vancouver, INKYKISS was proud to support Emma Thompson, when it was time to refresh the online face of Pearl Boutique.

For businesses catering to the fashion and beauty industry, a polished, professional appearance is a must. As one of the first Vancouver businesses to offer whitening services, Pearl has distinguished itself by providing dental-grade hygiene cleaning and whitening services in a spa-like setting.

Upgrading for SEO

As the team that designed and built the website back in 2008, we had previously optimized every aspect of Pearl. This had resulted in a page-one ranking for several strategic keywords. However, as Google began assigning more weight to factors like site speed and mobile compatibility, the site began to fall. Competitors with faster, more mobile compatible websites began seizing top spots. The owner, Emma, decided it was time for an upgrade.

The overall objective was to improve the beauty, usability, and website rankings.  The owner had invested in several pieces of professional photography that she wished to highlight. We drew the primary colour scheme from the site logo. Additionally, we integrated significant amounts of white space to infuse the website with a clean, airy bright feeling. This is always appropriate for businesses operating in the space of health and beauty.

Impressions More than Doubled on Google

With proper SEO implementation and mobility improvements, our SEO consultants in Vancouver improved results dramatically. Pearl Boutique shot to the top of page one for keywords like “laser teeth whitening,” “teeth whitening Vancouver,” and “best teeth whitening,” just to name a few. Significantly, site impressions (the number of times the site showed up in local searches) skyrocketed from 300-400 per day to over 1000 impressions per day. The redesign was a great success, and it’s safe to say the client loved the results—because she told us so.

Experienced SEO Consultants

Getting to page one of Google is contingent on several factors. Are you targeting the right keywords? Does the website load quickly? Is it written correctly, and is the coding language clean and efficient? As SEO web designers, our objective for Pearl was to create an eye-catching, brand-appropriate design that would appeal to visitors—and meet best practices for Search Engine Optimization at every stage of design and development. We like to think the results speak for themselves.












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