SEO Vancouver – How Long Before You See Results?

Written by: Nita Sheri Naidoo
Date: 25 May, 2020
Category: SEO Consultants Vancouver, SEO Vancouver, SEO Web Design Vancouver, SEO Writing Vancouver, Vancouver SEO

As SEO consultants in Vancouver, one of the most common questions we get is “when can we expect results?” It’s a fair question. When you invest in your business, you know what you’re getting. If an SEO company promises instant results and staggering growth, consider it a red flag. SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is […]

Vancouver SEO – Request Your Free Site Analysis

As a Vancouver SEO company, we know that getting a page one ranking on Google isn’t rocket science, but it does take dedication, strategy, and hard work. Let’s assume you already know which keywords you’re targeting. How do you get your website to pop-up on page one of Google when someone enters those keywords? Realistically, […]

SEO in Vancouver: Is it Worth it?

Many companies offer SEO in Vancouver. It’s fair to say that SEO has been a buzzword for some time. You’re likely inundated with calls, messages, and even email form submissions promising a page one-rank on Google for some low, low cost, which typically ranges from about $750 to $1000 per month. The big question—is it worth […]

IK SEO in Vancouver: Introducing BERT

Nope, this isn’t a lead into a dreadful Sesame Street pun. Instead, BERT is the name of Google’s new search algorithm. As consultants who provide SEO in Vancouver, the latest and greatest update from the search engine is part of an ongoing effort to understand the intent behind your search queries, and for web stores, […]

Does SEO Really Work?

SEO has been evolving for about a decade. Back when Google first emerged, getting a page one rank was largely attributed to meta-tags and keyword stuffing. Today, Search Engine Optimization, more informally known as SEO, has changed dramatically. When a consumer keys a query into Google’s search engine, they want relevant answers, not thousands of […]

10 Easy Tips to Improve Your Website

Did you know when people were asked why they didn’t like or trust a website, almost 94% said it was related to design? Today, having a good website isn’t a nicety, it directly determines how many customers you pull in, so good site design is a business investment. As a team of web designers in […]

Small Business SEO Vs. SEM

If the title of this article just made you WTF, don’t worry, you’re not alone. When it comes to digital marketing strategies, one of the most common questions is which channel to pursue—Search Engine Optimization (organic traffic) or Search Engine Marketing (paid traffic)? In other words, what the difference between SEO vs. SEM? SEO and […]

IK SEO Vancouver: Start Your Business Strong with SEO Web Design in Vancouver

Are you trying to attract more clients through Google? You’re not alone. SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, is a process where people try to make their websites more Google-friendly. To do this, entrepreneurs like you and me either have to roll up their sleeves or find an awesome SEO consultant. SEO Web Design […]

The Bad, Black and Very Terrible Way to Do SEO

Did you know there’s a wrong way to do SEO? It’s true. Practices known as black hat SEO and grey hat SEO—where people try to game the system—can get a website blacklisted by Google. As a Vancouver SEO company, we’ve been providing businesses with ethical, organic solutions for SEO for almost eight years. The problem is […]

SEO Vancouver: Building Empathy into Your Digital Content

As a team that specializes in Vancouver SEO, we know there are many people who write for search engines. But as professional SEO writers, we’ve found one of the greatest requirements for writing digital content is empathy. It’s easy to emotionally unplug while gauging how writing should be structured to achieve better search engine results. This is […]

Vancouver SEO: Choosing the Best SEO Agency for Your Business

As a Vancouver SEO company, we understand that choosing the right SEO consultant or provider can be confusing. There are so many services and price points. To choose the best company, you need to have a solid understanding of your needs and objectives—as well as your budget. There’s often a perception that bigger is better or […]