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Branding design is about communicating value. When the Founder of Curve Interiors asked for help reimagining the brand, the possibilities were almost endless. Creating the right vibe meant understanding the audience—their priorities and values. It's the only way to create a brand that connects. The trick is getting it right, even on a budget.

It's about connecting.

Curve Interiors is a full-service interior design firm that caters to the upper mid-market. In order to reach potential clients, company founder Andrea Auchinleck needed branding design that made a real impact and distinguished her business.

We knew collaborating with Curve Interiors would be a tremendously creative project and jumped at the chance. For the logo, Andrea wanted a look that embodied her love of clean lines. After a comprehensive brand exercise, we decided a wordmark would work best. Combining a unique font with a colour-fade resulted in a design that felt airy and effortless, but still packed plenty of punch!

In contrast to the logo, Andrea wanted a high impact business card to wow potential clients. We came up with the tagline “Space. Balance. Harmony” and incorporated a shiny spot treatment with coloured edges to maximize style without compromising cleanliness. For the WordPress web design, we let functionality drive design. As web designers, we knew Curve’s portfolio of work needed to take centre stage. Therefore, the website needed to be minimalistic and functional, showcasing Curve’s portfolio of distinct and modern living spaces.

We decided on a one-page web design, taking full advantage of icons and powerful visuals to explain services, capabilities, and benefits.  Our team optimized all written content and made sure project photos were polished and perfect. Finally, we designed the site with the capacity to add new photos, projects, and blogs as necessary.

We’ve continued to support Curve Interiors. Whether it’s adding new team members or projects, we support all our clients with smooth, swift branding design, copywriting, and SEO services.

Making it work...on a budget.

Like most small businesses, Curve had a limited budget to spend on branding design. It was up to us to help them convey value in a quick and cost-effective manner. To flesh out their new look, we sat down with the owner/operator to discover the core of the brand. We went through a comprehensive brand exercise and looked to a succinct one-page style website to convey services and value, while keeping costs under control. Through the design of a logo, business card, website, and content, we provided Andrea with a new look and content that summarized key benefits in an eye-catching kind of way.











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