Branding Design Vancouver

Strategic Branding Design

Being instantly recognizable as a business is a strategic benefit. That’s where branding design  comes into play. Through elements that shape your identity (logo, colours, web design), we can a craft memorable brand that perfectly reflects your business—and resonates with customers.

Through branding design in Vancouver, we work to create a rich visual identity for your business. The idea is creating a look that appeals to your ideal customer. The goal? Convincing them to buy from you, of course.

Effective branding design touches on many different aspects—colours, logo, packaging, business card, and web design. All these play a role in identity. Even elements as subtle as colour tint and fonts will subtly alter how people see (and feel) your business.

To distinguish your business, we tailor our services for branding design in Vancouver to your audience. Of course, that means it’s important to understand your audience first. That means collecting data about your buyers and then combining it with our research and expertise. Through a process that touches on logo design, typography, colour, illustration, photos, data visualization, and web design, we spin a rich visual language that captures interest and imagination.

Branding design that touches on six objectives:

Depending on your brand (and the type of content you need to create), your needs may be more expansive, but a basic brand identity includes:

  • Logo
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Photography/Illustration/Iconography
  • Web design
  • Voice & tone

Ultimately, branding design works as your personal identity. It’s a way to communicate and differentiate yourself from those around you, sharing your story with those who want to learn more. Through comprehensive branding design in Vancouver, we work to distinguish your business and inspire people to engage.

Branding Design Vancouver

Crafting a Compelling Visual Identity

Great branding goes beyond looks, it makes people take notice and feel. As branding designers, our process streamlines the daunting task of planning, design, and approvals. We break the whole thing down into a series of easily digestible deliverables, with collaboration and feedback built right into the process. Take a look at what we’ve accomplished for some of our other clients.

Tiny You Baby Store

Branding, web design, SEO strategy, blogging, and social media to create a cohesive online identity with a page-one Google ranking.


Engaging branded web design, copywriting, and maketing materials.

Pearl Boutique

Website Refresh and SEO Consulting.

Lean Expansion

Logo & web design /development with copywriting and SEO support to reach page one.

Curve Interiors

Logo & business card development, web design, and SEO copywriting.

$ /Month

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We Keep It Smart and Simple.21

Problem-solving is our specialty. We collaborate and breakdown the branding design process into a series of easily digestible steps, so we can craft a rich and compelling visual identity that resonates with your ideal customers. Want to know more?



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