The environment is at the forefront of everyone's minds. To help protect our urban waterways, the scientists at StormSensor harnessed the power of cloud technology to create the first fully scalable tool to monitor for flooding and pollution 24/7. Our purpose was creating a brand (and collateral) to reach the people and policymakers in search of innovative tools for protecting the environment.

Innovating for the environment

StormSensor Founder and CEO Erin Rothman came to INKYKISS looking for web design in Vancouver. As a Seattle-based startup, the team at StormSensor pioneered a technology that holds the potential to improve the health of communities around the world. To continue their fantastic trend of growth, it was time to take the company brand to the next level.

Besides written content and web design, the team needed some banners and business cards, as well as the white papers and brand collateral that would be used for presentations all around the United States.

As a technical subject, the major challenge was making the complex content and subject matter more comprehensive and readable. It was important for people to  grasp the challenges around the stormwater industry, even if they weren’t part of it. As brand designers, we made this happen by introducing a healthy assortment of visual elements (pictures, diagrams, and icons). This made the content easier to read and understand.

Through an A-Z strategy that include design, copywriting, and web development, the process was completed in about 12 weeks. StormSensor finally had the tools to strut their stuff. And they’ve been making waves (or measuring temperatures and tidal flows) ever since.

Science of a startup

Like so many scientific and tech-related teams, StormSensor faced a big challenge as a start-up. How do you make a complex and highly technical product comprehensive? The short answer is to eliminate the jargon and focus on benefits. We wanted people to understand the purpose behind StormSensor and how its monitoring solutions could be applied in the field. In terms of web design, we relied heavily on diagrams and icons, giving people the ability to absorb important information in small digestible chunks. In the end, StormSensor had the sales collateral necessary to attract and engage clients along the sales journey.









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