The Bad, Black and Very Terrible Way to Do SEO

Did you know there’s a wrong way to do SEO? It’s true. Practices known as black hat SEO and grey hat SEO—where people try to game the system—can get a website blacklisted by Google. As a Vancouver SEO company, we’ve been providing businesses with ethical, organic solutions for SEO for almost eight years. The problem is […]

SEO Vancouver: Building Empathy into Your Digital Content

As a team that specializes in Vancouver SEO, we know there are many people who write for search engines. But as professional SEO writers, we’ve found one of the greatest requirements for writing digital content is empathy. It’s easy to emotionally unplug while gauging how writing should be structured to achieve better search engine results. This is […]

Vancouver SEO: Choosing the Best SEO Agency for Your Business

As a Vancouver SEO company, we understand that choosing the right SEO consultant or provider can be confusing. There are so many services and price points. To choose the best company, you need to have a solid understanding of your needs and objectives—as well as your budget. There’s often a perception that bigger is better or […]

SEO in Vancouver: 5 DIY Tips to Get Results & Save Money

As a company that offers SEO in Vancouver, we help people make their websites more visible online. While search engine optimization is a little different from advertising, there are still time and cost requirements when it comes to improving your organic rank. In fact, depending on the agency involved, it can get downright pricey. We have […]

Vancouver Web Designers Share Three Taboos

As a team of Vancouver web designers, we know the prospect of building a new website can make even the most experienced entrepreneur break into a cold sweat. There’s so much to consider. How big should the site be? What content should you include? How should it look and function? For us, undertaking the process of web […]

SEO in Vancouver: 5 Ways to Improve Organic Growth

As a company that offers SEO in Vancouver, we know the process is always evolving. SEO is both an art and a science. Today, meeting search engine criteria is not enough.  Writers, designers, and developers have to be mindful about creating content that people want to read and look at, because that’s the only way anyone […]

3 Web Design Fundamentals in 2019

As a company that offers web design in Vancouver, we understand that the world of professional design and development is changing at a rapid pace. Businesses are going to great lengths to enhance the presentation of their digital content because, hey—usability and design are key when it comes to being noticed and, more importantly, remembered. Analyzing […]

Vancouver Web Design: Mobile Web Design

As a company that delivers Vancouver web design, we urge clients to think small when considering a mobile version of their websites. If a lot of people are going to be looking at your website from phones and tablets, a desktop version might not deliver the experience you want. At this point, only a few businesses […]

Vancouver SEO Consultants: Google Speed Update

If SEO is a consideration for your business, you’ve may have already heard about Google’s SEO update last July. It took almost six months of preparation, but the Google Speed Update was created to focus on the mobile search rankings of the slowest of sites on the internet. The reasoning for the change is pretty simple. When […]

IK SEO Consultants in Vancouver: The Fundamentals of Good SEO

The world of SEO can be confusing. But equally hard to ignore is the fact that some organizations prefer to maintain a certain mystique around the process, particularly when they’re charging around $5000 a month. But while the specifics of SEO are continually shifting, the fundamentals have always remained the same. As a team of SEO […]