SEO Vancouver: Building Empathy into Your Digital Content

Written by: nsnaidoo1977
Date: 09 Aug, 2019
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As a team of SEO Consultants in Vancouver, we know there are many people who write for search engines. But as professional SEO writers, we’ve found one of the greatest requirements for writing digital content is empathy.

It’s easy to emotionally unplug while gauging how writing should be structured to achieve better search engine results. This is a mistake, because digital content tends to be a bit sterile at the best of times. If the writer checks out emotionally, connecting with people becomes that much harder, even if you’re on page one of Google.

Great SEO writing means reaching people on both a logical and emotional level. Experienced copywriters will tell you that empathy is tremendously important no matter the platform, but it’s is so much more important on websites. Consider the humor, the connection, the raw emotion we see on social platforms every day. In truth, this tone isn’t right for a website where people expect a certain level of professionalism. But to counteract the blah, it’s empathy—the gift of understanding—that allows copywriters to craft a powerful verbal identity that establishes long-term trust and builds brand loyalty.

The big shortcoming of website copy is that it tends to address broad audiences with general messages. To stand out, you really need to understand your target audience and craft messages tailored to them. This might seem impossible, but let’s say you’re a high-end hairstylist, or a budget realtor, or maybe a 24-hour plumber. In each of these cases, you have an idea of what the client looks like, and it’s important to talk to them, address their needs, and soothe their fears.

The Copywriter’s Responsibility

The primary role of a website copywriter is to inject a brand with personality. Many businesses, particularly larger ones, tend to have a faceless corporate feel to them. Effective and sincere copywriting can soften this perception, and it’s important to carryover this trend into SEO marketing. For us, voice is tremendously important when it comes to crafting content related to our service offerings for SEO in Vancouver.

It’s important to remember that when it comes to digital content, at the other end of every website page, blog, and Tweet is a human being. And just like you, they expect professionalism, wit, and sincerity. Even though writing for search engines has its own set of rules, all SEO content should be informative and enjoyable.

When writing for search engines, try to remain aware of your feelings. When you’re focussed on requirements to rank for “SEO Vancouver” or whatever, it’s easy to become emotionally detached. And this can result in bland, boring copy. Check yourself during the writing process. How do you feel? Does the content make sense? Does it reassure your readers and sooth their concerns?

Empathy is an incredibly important quality for an SEO copywriter. Even when it comes to search engines, keeping your readers in mind as you write will result in creating a much stronger verbal identity for your business. And if your content already ranks well, then you’re ahead of the game.