Vancouver Web Design: Mobile Web Design

Written by: nsnaidoo1977
Date: 09 Aug, 2019
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As a company that delivers Vancouver web design, we urge clients to think small when considering a mobile version of their websites. If a lot of people are going to be looking at your website from phones and tablets, a desktop version might not deliver the experience you want.

At this point, only a few businesses have dedicated mobile websites for phones and tablets. What most businesses offer instead is a responsive version of the desktop website—that is, a website that rearranges itself to accommodate different screen sizes. This can work if a developer is conscientious and careful, but all too often responsive desktop websites deliver a sloppy user experience. Elements become teeny tiny and illegible, with pictures and text crazily rearranging themselves and sometimes floating off the screen. Moreover, a shrunken menu can make navigating between pages a pain.

Mobile Benefits

A dedicated mobile website will always deliver a cleaner and smoother user experience on phones and tablets. That’s because a mobile website is more than just a small version of your desktop web design.

For IK’s team of Vancouver web designers, creating a mobile website means streamlining and reducing the graphics and navigation experience used on the desktop version of the site. In fact, the whole thing is scaled to function in a more beautiful and user-friendly way on smaller screens with different orientations. Menus are laid out with highly accessible large fonts, there may be a click-to-call button, and if people need to find a location, a map will usually be provided. A mobile version of your website will trim the frills in exchange for graphics and text that are more streamlined, accessible, and easier to read.

IK Vancouver Web Design: Mobile Friendly Fundamentals

  • Large, easily accessible menu items
  • Streamlined content for quick loading (important for SEO)
  • No-frills layout that works with small screens
  • Click-to-call contact info
  • GPS info for stores (if applicable)

Google Loves Good Mobile Design

Mobile web design is more important than ever for businesses that care about SEO. The Google Speed Update, which took place last year, focused on mobile websites. Basically, if a slow loading website affects user experience, the website could be penalized in terms of search engine optimization.

When it comes to development, the Vancouver web designers at Inkykiss believe good fundamentals always remain the same. It’s important to think about the people using the site and how to deliver a smooth and beautiful experience. On desktops, the website should provide a full, luxe version of the site while mobile platforms should deliver the basics in a clean, small-screen format.