SEO in Vancouver: Is it Worth it?

Written by: nsnaidoo1977
Date: 20 Feb, 2020
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Many companies offer SEO in Vancouver. It’s fair to say that SEO has been a buzzword for some time. You’re likely inundated with calls, messages, and even email form submissions promising a page one-rank on Google for some low, low cost, which typically ranges from about $750 to $1000 per month. The big question—is it worth it?

As SEO Consultants in Vancouver, we’ve worked with all kinds of businesses vying to reach page one of Google. SEO isn’t for everyone. But if you generate a significant portion of your business from Internet leads, search engine optimization can significantly increase the quality and quantity of your leads.

SEO: An Art and a Science

Search engine optimization isn’t rocket science, but it does take knowledge, time, and, most of all, consistency. If an SEO company is quoting you before they’ve even looked at your website—take it with a grain of salt. Everyone is somewhere different in the process, and SEO is never quite the same for any two websites. A reputable company should provide an analysis, game plan, and some insight as to why your site isn’t performing as well as it should. 

A poor Google ranking can be the result of a variety of factors:

  • bad keyword choice
  • poor design choices
  • lack of written content/spelling errors
  • shoddy website structure
  • broken links and images
  • missing meta information and tags
  • slow load times
  • bad mobile experience
  • no social presence

Google literally has millions of websites to rank. The ones that reach the top have to be exemplary. To complicate matters further, Google is constantly refining its requirements, so good SEO providers are always working to ensure their clients’ websites meet the latest and greatest guidelines set out by the search engine.

Getting a Great Website Rank in 2020

To understand SEO, it’s important to consider how the process works. When people want to find a product or service, they type in words related to what they’re looking for—in our case “SEO Vancouver” or “SEO Consultants Vancouver” would be a relevant search. The searches people are typing into Google are called keywords—and choosing the right ones is an incredibly important part of SEO strategy.

Several factors will determine, whether your website is a top 10 contender—or lost in the bowels of Internet infamy. According to Google’s own search quality ratings, critical factors include:

  • Establishing the purpose of the page
  • Demonstrating expertise, authority, and trustworthiness
  • Providing a good amount of quality written content
  • Website reputation
  • Creator reputation

As SEO Consultants in Vancouver, our job is to satisfy Google requirements by amending the appearance, content, and structure of a website, so it ranks for relevant keywords while meeting Google’s guidelines for excellence.

There are broadly two components of SEO: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO refers to all the factors on the website—the design, pictures, codes, structure, descriptions, content, blogs, links, etc. SEO companies will often Off-page SEO refers to actions taken away from the site—inbound links, social signals, media mentions—these are the major factors that impact your website’s trustworthiness and authority. Developing high-quality local links is especially beneficial for SEO, which is why working with a native provider is always recommended.

When the process begins, an SEO company will likely go through and audit your website, making changes or providing a list of changes that need to be implemented (SEO Provider vs. SEO Consultant). If you’re not a dab-hand at website work, make sure to look for a company that can identify needs and then implement the changes. 

The most important factors for SEO Consultants in 2020

According to a list by, the most relevant factors in 2o20 include:

  • Creating a secure website that’s accessible on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Page speed (secure, up-to-date coding and a good website host)
  • Domain, Age, URL, and authority
  • Optimized Written SEO Content appropriate use of headers, meta descriptions, tags, pictures, and page links
  • A user-friendly site that people don’t bounce away from
  • Links- Inbound, outbound, and internal
  • Social media
  • Business information, addresses, and maps

SEO is here to stay, and while it’s not for everyone, certain businesses stand to benefit tremendously from a page one ranking on Google. Any reputable SEO consultant will make no guarantees. They can’t promise a spot in slot number one, because too much is unknown. SEO requires painstaking attention to a multitude of seemingly insignificant factors. . However, with time, persistence, and the support of our great SEO consultants in Vancouver, you’ll get there. And the rewards of a well-optimized site are often well worth the effort in terms of reputation, recognition, and new business.