Sudhir Datta

Written by: Nita Sheri Naidoo
Date: 14 Jul, 2019

Sudhir Datta began experimenting with computers at the tender age of ten. His fascination for programming languages continued through high school and university. After graduating, he founded EC Media Design and worked alongside prestigious clients that included ICBC, the Royal Bank, and BC Tel. As the chief programmer for INKYKISS, Sudhir brings cutting edge web design to life. He is also an experienced debugger and excels at coming up with solutions to enhance website appearance and function.

Nita Sheri Naidoo

Nita is an award-winning copywriter and founder of INKYKISS. Through a passion for design and writing, she empowers businesses looking to distinguish themselves in competitive markets. Nita believes in solid fundamentals and adheres to the principles of minimalism "Keeping It Smart & Simple" to connect businesses to their clients through concepts that are clean, crisp, and timeless.