3 Web Design Fundamentals in 2019

Written by: nsnaidoo1977
Date: 09 Aug, 2019
Category: Vancouver Web Design, Web Design Vancouver, Web Development Vancouver, Websites Vancouver

As a company that offers web design in Vancouver, we understand that the world of professional design and development is changing at a rapid pace. Businesses are going to great lengths to enhance the presentation of their digital content because, hey—usability and design are key when it comes to being noticed and, more importantly, remembered.

Analyzing past trends in web design and development is important for two reasons:

  • It provides a better grasp on web related fashions, procedures, and technologies
  • It allows us to analyze any problems or shortcomings, and move forward

Two Steps Forward…

New trends and ways to design websites are popping up every day. The advancement of digital technologies has made it possible to accomplish incredible, eye-catching feats. But it’s important to keep usability and longevity in mind. A website that contains complex coding is harder to fix if it becomes broken, corrupted, or outdated. Visual loop-de-loops may not adapt well to mobile platforms, and search engine requirements need to be considered as well. There’s just no point in creating a beautiful website if no one can find it.

That’s why when it comes to providing web design in Vancouver, the best approach is to reconcile emerging trends with a few reliable pillars. As a team, we’ve found this is what ultimately yields value and longevity.

The Pillars of Web Design and Development in 2019

Being Mobile

Responsive web design is here to stay. As more and more people access the Internet through smartphones and tablets, having a website that performs well on these mobile platforms has become non-optional.

That’s okay because most website platforms (including WordPress and Joomla) offer plenty of options for mobile compatibility. Make sure you’re working with an experienced web designer or team and your bases should be covered.

Pro Tip: There is a difference between responsive web design and mobile web design. Both will serve the intended purpose, but businesses that anticipate a high degree of mobile traffic may want to invest in mobile design, which is an abridged version of the main design created especially for phone and tablet screens.

SEO Web Design

The most beautiful website is of little use if no one can find it. It will simply become a sink for time and money. Without visibility, there are no customers. Making a site that’s beautiful and compatible with Google requires a lot of know-how. Each page on a website should be organized with titles, tags, and pictures as well as keyword-rich content that allows Google to understand what the business offers and its place within the industry.

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Videos and Sliders

This article has talked a lot about functionality, but besides being functional, a website must also be beautiful. It should breathe life into your services and offerings. How else do you expect to attract clients? The home page, in particular, should take center stage. It takes less than 10 seconds for people to look at a website and decide if they want to learn more—or bounce and check out a competitor. Videos and picture sliders are tremendously valuable when it comes to conveying the idea behind a brand or institution in a fun, dynamic format. It used to be quite difficult to make sliders and videos work correctly, but digital technology has advanced, allowing businesses to surprise and delight visitors with quality visual eye-candy. A picture is worth a thousand words, so put it to work for you.

Even with all the advances in digital technology, delivering functional, beautiful web design is a task grounded in tiny details. For readability, performance and search engine compatibility, the cosmetic trends may change, but the foundations of good web design will remain consistent well into the future.