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Our team works to rescue broken websites or keep existing ones healthy.

Over time, even brilliantly constructed WordPress websites can slow down, seize up, or even disappear. As a team of tech pros, we deliver fast, professional service and support at a convenient hourly rate.

WordPress repair & maintenance packages simplified

Your website is a valuable business asset. But while it’s great for brand building and reaching potential customers 24/7, a whole lot can go wrong. Besides hacking and third-party attacks, websites naturally depreciate over time. That’s because apps, operating systems, and web browsers are constantly changing. If one of these fail or becomes incompatible/outdated, you could be staring down the dreaded fatal error.


As a development team, we understand WordPress, and we’re pleased to offer simplified web maintenance and technical support packages. Our model is simple. Just let us know your challenge (or goal) and provide us with the login information. We’ll troubleshoot the issue and provide an estimate. If everything seems fair, we’ll swing in and execute a rescue in the best tradition of vine-swinging men in loincloths.


Of course, best practices means thinking proactively. For the go-getters, we offer meaningful monthly and yearly maintenance packages that keep your website speedy and secure. And in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we’re available to help, which means you can leave the tech and techy-related jargon to us.

We troubleshoot WordPress Websites. Through meaningful help and support services, we maximize performance and visitor satisfaction by keeping your website speedy and secure.

WordPress Help & WordPress Support in Vancouver

Is your website borked? Is it noticeably slowing or are visitors being redirected to a sketchy location peddling generic meds? We can help. We offer a comprehensive suite of WordPress help in Vancouver. We also perform updates and additions (like enhancing the design or adding a few extra pages). We'll even put together a free, no-obligation estimate. Sound good?

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