Yuko Turnbull

Written by: Nita Sheri Naidoo
Date: 15 Jul, 2019

I had such a fabulous experience working with Nita. She is truly a master in her field. She was able to see the vision I wanted and had so many incredible ideas. She also wrote content for me which was so eloquent and exactly what I wanted to express. I would recommend Nita and her team to anyone, and I’m sure you will have a wonderful experience!

Nita Sheri Naidoo

Nita is an award-winning copywriter and founder of INKYKISS. Through a passion for design and writing, she empowers businesses looking to distinguish themselves in competitive markets. Nita believes in solid fundamentals and adheres to the principles of minimalism "Keeping It Smart & Simple" to connect businesses to their clients through concepts that are clean, crisp, and timeless.