Rocky Mountaineer

Travel writing takes a bit of magic, especially when it's for a brand as distinguished as Rocky Mountaineer. To flesh out a new cookbook, INKYKISS provided the copywriting and content that whisked guests away to iconic destinations across Western Canada, and we even won an award in the process!

Sharing transformative journeys

In 2012, RM’s primary creative agency came to INKYKISS looking for copywriting in Vancouver. There were tight deadlines and high expectations, but we jumped at the chance. This project was one-of-a-kind.

Within the world of rail travel, the Rocky Mountaineer offers an iconic and one-of-a-kind glimpse into the unparalleled beauty of the Canadian Rockies. For their first foray into the publishing world, the team at Rocky Mountaineer had something special in mind. By combining a book of recipes with route and destination information, they set out to create a cookbook that would pull double duty as a cherished keepsake and a powerful sales tool.

While chefs Jean Pierre Guerin and Frédéric Couton masterminded the recipes, INKYKISS came on board to assist with copywriting.  Our purpose? To flesh out the cookbook with information about the regional delicacies served onboard—and the destinations and landscapes that inspired them.

Creating an incredible keepsake meant creative copywriting that was (almost) over the top. We invoked our inner travel writers and set out to research the bountiful natural larder that makes up Western Canada. Craggy mountains and crystalline streams became the backdrop for the organic, locally harvested ingredients that culminated in culinary masterpieces that ranged from a caviar-infused breakfast benedict to a snazzy strawberry shortcake.  Regional write-ups, chef bios, as well as tongue-tingling descriptions rounded out the cookbook.

To our delight, Eat Play Love earned Canadian bestseller status within two months of publication. Additionally, the Gourmand International of Paris named it 2014 Cookbook of the Year in the Culinary Travel category. All in all, it was a job well done and easily a career highlight for our team.

The recipe for success

Marketing today is a whole new ballgame. More than location, status, or value proposition, brands need to connect with their customers. For luxury brands in particular, tone and approach are important. So, how do you make an impression on the people looking for the trip of a lifetime? In this case, by literally providing a taste of the onboard experience. Besides the decadent recipes, we filled the book with spectacular route descriptions, stunning snapshots, and subtle calls to action that entice readers to return—or experience the unparalleled journeys through Canada’s hidden terrain for the first time. Of course, experiencing the real deal means booking passage, but through skillful copywriting in Vancouver, we were able to provide a small example of the experience–and create a neat keepsake!

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