CTR World

Humanizing a brand can be tricky business when services are highly technical. Despite knowing that most people would only have a vague understanding of the services provided by CTR, we were determined to launch a website that was comprehensive and relatable (without sacrificing points for attractiveness)!

Making connections count

For their new website, the Edmonton-based tech titans at CTR World wanted a sleek, streamlined look. CTR’s specialty is using tech to diagnose and overcome complex business problems. However, the site was difficult to read and highly technical.

CTR regularly partners with Fortune 500 Companies from all around the globe. As they prepared for a new wave of growth, they realized a jargon-heavy website could potentially become a liability. Trying to understand the mysterious technologies that streamline business operations could be off-putting to the CEOs and decision-makers in charge of hiring. The answer was simple enough—focus on problem solving. To this end, INKYKISS was hired to modernize the web design and make the text more engaging and readable.

The first step was a brand exercise to define how the website should look and work. With an eye-catching red and blue scheme, we created a design that highlighted major services with quick links to relevant pages. A pop-out hamburger style menu streamlined and simplified service offerings. Finally, our copywriters drafted new content for all the pages.

Since CTR World had their own team of web developers, they simply needed a design to follow. We provided detailed file mock-ups and all content necessary to create a stunning WordPress site to support their evolving identity, online and off.

Strategizing for priorities

Like most companies, one of CTR’s main goals was to bring their most popular services front and center, while making the website more intuitive and easier to navigate. For INKYKISS, this meant conducting research to understand the core clients and their needs. Icons and shortcuts on the home page quickly funnelled visitors to where they needed to be. Our goal was to make all service offerings comprehensive (and engaging), even for those who hadn’t encountered them previously. Through a combination of show and tell, we came up with a design that’s allowed CTR World to take off and reach new heights, thanks at least partially to a website that makes it easy to understand the depth and breadth of their expertise and service.



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