Always & Forever Weddings

Building a sleek brand can be tough for a small business on a budget. For wedding planner Harprit Patel, it was a matter of priorities. Coming up with a solid concepts for the logo, business card, and website, allowed her to successfully launch and progressively build her brand over time.

A marriage of ideas

When wedding planner Harprit Patel first launched her business in 2008, she hired INKYKISS to create her brand. The wedding industry is competitive, and Harprit wanted a luxe look to distinguish her business.

Several components were necessary to get this project off the ground. We began by evaluating names, colours, logos, and tag lines before proceeding to business card and web design. By analyzing Harprit’s clientele, we helped her zero in on the right language and tone while simultaneously crafting materials for pre-launch marketing and advertising.

To create Harprit’s logo, we created an elegant hand-drawn ampersand. This added style and substance to the simple word-style logo she envisioned. A smattering of shiny diamonds was added for use on different elements to increase brand unity and cohesion. Finally, we created a WordPress website that was easy to modify and update. This was a must as it was necessary to provide Harprit with the ability to add pictures and testimonials from a growing list of clientele.

It was important that Harprit’s brand reflect the personal care and attention she provides to each and every client. By prioritizing needs, Harprit was able to successfully launch her business and gradually add to her brand over time. It was a happy ending for all involved.

Getting into the groove

Penetrating a competitive market can be tough for a newcomer. When it comes to the wedding market, style and beauty are par for the course, so Harprit’s look had to be on point. Strategically, we knew it was necessary to double down on brand design to get noticed in a niche that was already flooded. But acquiring beautiful photography and imagery is tough when you’re starting out. To get around this, we turned to stock imagery and kept the web design minimalistic, focussing instead on content and search engine optimization to give Harprit a step-up on Google. In contrast, we created a luxe business card and brand elements that could be incorporated in various ways in the future to create cohesion and consistency among new elements. The strategy worked. Always and Forever Weddings launched within budget and has continued to grow. All in all, a happy ending for everyone involved.

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