Noah J.D. Chinn

Noah is a published Canadian author as well as an experienced editor who helps authors across North America prepare for publication.  He has a deep and endearing interest in social media and the role it plays both in terms of marketing and communication. He graduated from York University (BA 1998) and remains a lifelong, self-professed […]

Irene Li

Irene believes good branding is more than creating eye-appealing visual. It should also display the brand personality and speak to the audience on an emotional level. Irene graduated from the City University of Hong Kong (BA 2003) in Creative Media. With over a decade of professional experience, she specialises in branding, logo design, and web […]

Nita Naidoo

Nita’s been working in brand and business strategy since 2005. She was an early pioneer in SEO writing and holds a degree in English from the University of Victoria (BA 2001) as well an advanced certification in Editing and Writing from Simon Fraser University (2003). As the driving force behind INKYKISS, Nita works  one-on-one to […]

Sudhir Datta

Sudhir Datta began experimenting with computers at the tender age of ten. His fascination for programming languages continued through high school and university. After graduating, he founded EC Media Design and worked alongside prestigious clients that included ICBC, the Royal Bank, and BC Tel. As the chief programmer for INKYKISS, Sudhir brings cutting edge web […]

Anney Ha

Anney Ha is a leading SEO consultant in Vancouver. As part of INKYKISS, she works with businesses targeting greater exposure and success through Google. Anney’s approach is organic and built around the process of creating good quality SEO content and backlinks. As an experienced SEO consultant, Anney has helped to establish and build-up some of Vancouver’s best-known SEO companies,  which […]