Boosting Site Visibility and Traffic on Google News: Advice from IK SEO in Vancouver

Written by: nsnaidoo1977
Date: 05 Dec, 2020
Category: SEO Consultants Vancouver, SEO Vancouver

As a company that provides SEO in Vancouver, we use various methods to organically boost website rankings. These days, one of our go-to methods is a press release to get your website noticed in Google News.

For those unfamiliar with the wonderfully detailed world of SEO, Google News launched its beta version back in September 2002. With this came wonderful opportunities to capture site ranks and clicks through their news engine. The only caveat? You needed a reasonably newsworthy story.

Naturally, a lot has changed since Google launched its beta version. Just like requirements for search terms (in our case SEO Vancouver) have evolved, so too have the requirements for seeing your press releases rank on Google News.

Distinguished Engineer and the Google News Engineering and Product Lead Trystan Upstill, recently wrote:

“The reimagined Google News uses a new set of AI techniques to take a constant flow of information as it hits the web, analyze it in real-time and organize it into storylines. This approach means Google News understands the people, places, and things involved in a story as it evolves, and connects how they relate to one another. At its core, this technology lets us synthesize information and put it together in a way that helps you make sense of what’s happening, and what the impact or reaction has been.”

What this means is that Google algorithms determine which stories, images, and videos appear in Google News results. Conduct a search in Google news, and it will offer you the news, magazine, video stories and press releases, it deems most relevant.

So how does Google algorithmically determine ranking in Google news? Most SEO consultants agree there are several factors. Much like how Google determines a website ranking on its standard search engine, factors include: 

Google News Rankings

  • Content frequency and freshness
  • Diversity of subject matter and originality
  • Rich textual content

Like any search engine, Google’s priority is to deliver relevant results. While the revamped Google News app uses AI to adapt to a user’s habits and routines over time, enabling it to recommend more personalized content. Irrelevant uninteresting content is a no-no because no one will see it.

For example, when the COVID outbreak was dominating search engines earlier this year, a lot of businesses were publishing press releases on how COVID safety procedures and protocols to rank for relevant content on Google news. This works for seasonal events, too—like New Year Resolutions and Back to School.

Capture Traffic by Optimizing Newsworthy Content

The first step to creating a newsworthy article is to understand the search terms people are likely to use. For us, SEO Vancouver is a perennially popular term. When New Year rolls around, we will likely create a post around something like “Top SEO Trend in the New Year.” Use the Explore tool in Google Trends to help determine the most popular searches and terms. It can take a little creativity to come up with an idea of how a business like say, a sustainable towel company can create a newsworthy, seasonally appropriate article, but trust us—it’s doable with a little creativity.

Craft SEO-Friendly Headlines

Both and Google News, our Vancouver SEO consultants have determined that page titles for rankings. Remember, proper indexing requires headline titles to be between 2 and 22 words. Avoid being punny or too clever as misspelling and word plays can confuse search engines.

Use Sub Headers and Formatting to Improve SEO keywords and Readability

Sub-headers are useful for a couple of purposes. As a copywriting service, we know sub-headers create visual space and improve readability. A lot of people using the Internet are notorious scanners—you’re probably doing it right now! Sub-headers work to draw the eye to relevant content. They are also a strategically suitable opportunity to reinforce primary keywords and introduce new ones.

Introduce Meaningful Links into Articles

Linking can be tricky. Using too many can have the opposite of the desired effect. But generally, linking is an excellent way to redirect people to relevant information like portfolios and project galleries. For example, check out this example of the SEO web design we created for Teeth Whitening by Pearl.

When it comes time to distribute your press release, we recommend going through a local distribution service. Posting your article in India will not help. These days, Google is all about localization. As part of our services for SEO in Vancouver, we create 3-4 news releases a year. Part of this service is crafting engaging stories for our clients. 

There are many ways for you to boost your website on search engines. Crafting newsworthy stories for Google News is one aspect that can effectively complement your SEO strategy, so you can enjoy a higher rank on Google.